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21 April 1989
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I do not own anything here. pix credit to owners: i juz google dem:)

~ everything on my private lyf is sealed on my own pandora box somewhere^_^/ I just made this journal account for d simply reason..coz of Arashi!
* to comment on Arashi comms/lj friends as well & join Arashi subbing comms..THAT's ALL!

~ At first, its all abt Arashi exploration:) but now...hx<3

~ Yaoi rockz my world! XD

~ I Believe in perfection dat is one & only Aiba Masaki*_*

~ I LOVE SakurAiba..theyre like d hottest ghei-BL couple ever! They're so real. I ship them so hard! SAKURAIBA FTW!!!

~ I dislike Sakumoto pairing or should i say I hate it!...srsly! BIG FAT NO!...eeeew**** they're ruining my SA couple.

~ loves reading yaoi-smut fics esp. if its my OTP on d game=DD